The address is 5/9 Quayside Mills, Quayside Street, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6EX. (5/9 means 5 Quayside Mills, Flat 9.) The GPS coordinates are 55.975574, -3.174068 . The flat can be difficult to find due to a lack of street signs,so please make sure you have a copy of these instructions and the map when you arrive. Google Maps is not very helpful and even taxi drivers can have problems.


Once you are at the Roseleaf pub (in the forground below) you are very close. The flat is in the building attached to the orange clock tower with the gold cockerel wind vane (in the background below).  From the Roseleaf pub, walk 30m along Quayside Street towards the old orange building with the clock tower and gold cockerel.  In front of the clock tower, turn left into the car park by the river. Walk to the glass door in the corner of the building (see map below) - this glass door is almost hidden from view, so walk right into the corner. Either ring buzzer 5/9 (if we have arranged to meet you) or take the key from the keybox (if we have given you the code). 



The photographs below shows the glass door from the courtyard. Note that this is right in the corner and cannot be seen until you are standing beside it!







The keybox is on the wall above the entry buzzer panel.

Car Parking

If you have requested a parking space, park in bay facing the Water of Leith. The allocated space is the second from the left as you face the river - see the map supplied. The spaces are unmarked but are allocated, so please make sure you use the correct space.

If someone is already in that space (very unlikely, but not impossible), then please park in another space and leave a note on your dashboard giving the flat number (5/9) and perhaps your mobile phone number.


A folder inside the apartment has all the information you should need, e.g. appliance instructions, locations of bars, restaurant and supermarkets etc. If you have any problems or queries, please contact:

  • Malcolm +44 7740 582698 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.